We get to the grassroots recognizing the value of community involvement in addressing societal challenges.

Ofyeneda works in partnership with local communities. All of our resources and programs explore the various ways of ensuring youth empowerment, education access and environmental protection at the grassroots.

OFYENEDA (Organization for youth in environmental and educational affairs) is registered in Kenya as a non-governmental organization since 2008. Our main objective is to aid youth in acquiring education and provide members with skills in environmental management and life skills to enable them improve their living standards and that of communities around them.

The overall objectives of Ofyeneda include:-

  • Finding sponsorships for bright, needy students to see them through secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
  • Enabling in-house training for dropouts and supporting projects intended to empower them economically.
  • Engaging the youth in various programs intended to empower them intellectually and economically.
  • Engaging in various environmental conservation efforts including waste management and resource utilization.

By providing visual evidence of the various challenges faced by children and youth, we aim to amplify their courageous voices and build a global community dedicated to supporting positive change for these children and youth. To that end we partner with various stakeholders in supporting income generation activities, literacy classes for dropouts and sponsorships for needy bright students.

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