What we do

The purpose of our work to improve the living standards of disadvantaged populations is founded on 3 pillars…

Environmental conservation

Our environmental conservation efforts include addressing policy reviews, researching and reporting on resource utilization and land use management and engaging in projects and training sessions to alter adverse human behavior.

We fight for effective use of public resources including government funds allocation and legislation to ensure that all people have access to quality life sustaining services. Learn more

Education access support

Our education access support program involves finding sponsorships for the bright but needy students, to see them through secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

We also make it possible for previous dropouts who can no longer fit in the classroom to get an education through in-house training. Learn more

Youth empowerment

Our youth empowerment efforts involve conducting training sessions that are aimed towards making mostly vulnerable youth acquire the prerequisite skills for engaging in successful and sustainable income generation activities.

We initially provide access to quality training and subsequently connect them to various income generation activities that increase their earning potential. Learn more