Education access support

Education access support: In-house training for drop outs

Our education access support program aims at ensuring access to mainstream education by finding timely sponsorship programs for bright needy students and making it possible for previous dropouts to get an alternative education path through in-house training.

In-house training

For students who have had to drop out of school, and who for some reason, can no longer fit in the classroom, we enable in-house training. The focus of training in this case is to increase literacy levels for dropouts therefore increasing their chances of gaining meaningful employment or starting their own sustainable businesses.

Apart from dropouts, we have vulnerable groups such as girls prevented from accessing formal education by cultural or traditional barriers.

This initiative provides an alternative pathway to mainstream education, thus providing dropouts or vulnerable groups with skills that are beneficial to their individual development that allows them to reach their full potential and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Learn more


While the free primary education program has increased access to primary education, the fees required in secondary schools present a huge financial obstacle for vulnerable groups like orphans. Sponsorship provides hope for these bright, needy students who would otherwise not have a chance in education.

We identify the most disadvantaged and vulnerable students and afford them access to secondary schools and tertiary institutions. We give priority to orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

Our sponsorship program goes beyond tuition fees and includes collateral issues like healthy food and medical care that could also pose a barrier to uninterrupted school attendance. Learn more