About the Walk

The inaugural Street-to-Class Fund Walk was held on Saturday 8th December 2018

Taking place between Central park (behind Serena hotel) and Upperhill (Bunyala road/Uhuru highway round about), a distance of approximately 5 kilometers, the walk was coupled with challenges, particularly heavy rains that went through the entire morning.

As a result of the rains, flagging off time was slightly altered from 7am to 10:30 am, a fact that greatly affected attendance. In all, out of 250 registrations, only 36 participated.

The Street-to-Class Fund Walk is one of the largest volunteer led awareness creation and fundraising events for the benefit of street children in the country.

The Walk is about local communities coming together to raise funds and celebrate hope for a future without street children.

Funds received support our mission: Financing the education and rehabilitation of street children by establishing a national center where they would be absorbed for education and rehabilitation.