Raffle Competition

Guess what? It is not all business and no play.

If you are a huge fan of raffles, and there are many, many reasons for this, there will be a two stage raffle competition at the event.

To participate in the raffle competition, you need to be at the event venue and purchase a raffle ticket at a price of ksh 500/- each. An individual can buy as many tickets as he/she wishes. One raffle ticket is issued for free to all attendees who purchase event tickets.

Straight Up Raffle:
Participants are allowed to engrave their names on every ticket that they purchase. All tickets are put on a draw where 10 winning tickets are then randomly pulled from the rest.

Reverse Raffle:
The 10 winning tickets are then put on a reverse raffle where every participant is allowed to pull one ticket out of the rest. The last remaining ticket will be feted the winner.

The Price:
The winner walks away with a valuable gift plus a shopping voucher worth Ksh 100,000