Biogas in Rarieda

We target to provide an alternative to firewood in rural Kenya. 90% of rural population uses firewood for home cooking. Through the introduction of a more cost effective and environmentally positive biogas, we intend to reduce significantly the widespread menace of deforestation in rural Kenya.

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Sponsorship for the needy

We seeks to ensure that the brightest, neediest students, who face the risk of dropping out of school for lack of fees, find sponsorship to secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

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In-house training for dropouts

For students who have had to drop out of school, and who for some reason, can no longer fit in the classroom, we enable in-house training and support projects intended to empower them economically.

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Kibera waste to energy program

We target to get rid of sanitation problems in Kibera while addressing economic empowerment of vulnerable youth as well.

Biogas generated from organic household waste is intended to power several small scale industrial applications that act as a source of employment for the youth.

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Youth empowerment

We seek to have the disadvantaged youth empowered mainly economically.

Training sessions are conducted in an effort to equip them with the prerequisite skills for engaging in continuous, sustainable and successful businesses.

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