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Our mission is to raise support for Kenya’s most vulnerable children by creating a sponsorship program that will form a personal and lasting connection between a child and a sponsor. 100% of the children we enlist for sponsorship are academically potential. We move to the most interior of places to bring them out. A low monthly contribution of averagely 50 USD provides a child with the much needed access to quality education, medical care and 3 healthy meals a day.

You can choose to visit the child you sponsor at home or school. Every sponsor will receive his or her child’s photo, personal story and a child sponsorship package by mail in two weeks.

We arrange for communication between sponsors and students through letters, emails, phone calls and video calls.

Thousands of bright students rely on sponsorship to stay in school. Enormous benefits help relieve the daily struggles of needy children and guide them toward happier, more productive futures. We help children become and stay healthy, get educated, be protected and nurtured, develop self-reliance and become employable in the future.

Your small monthly contribution of averagely 50 USD guarantees your sponsored child tuition fee, medical care and 3 healthy meals a day. We make that possible by taking drastic cost cutting measures and keeping our administrative costs so low so that 90% of our total expenses go directly to programs. Only 10% cover administrative costs.

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