Abraham Okumu Odhiambo

Abraham is extra-ordinarily bright but without sponsorship, he doesn’t stand a chance at education.

Abraham has poverty stricken parents.

Abraham Okumu Odhiambo is 16 years of age living with both parents Lucas Odhiambo Ogono and Margaret Aloo Odhiambo in Mahanga village Mahanga Mageta Island. The siblings are 25 year old Daniel Aruga, 23 year old Phoebe Atieno, 20 year old Maurice Ochieng, 11 year old Joseph Owino, and 8 year old janet awino.

The parents mainly farm for food.

The father is a peasant farmer producing mainly for food and has no alternative source of income. They also have to take care of their ageing mother 67 year old Dorca Okumu.

Abraham is hugely in arrears and cannot be allowed back in school for this year. Without sponsorship, he doesn’t stand a chance at education.

Abraham is extra ordinarily bright.

He went to Mahanga primary school where he has an outstanding academic record. His performance was among the best nationally. He is currently in Sawagongo Secondary School which is one of the best Secondary Schools in Kenya. His performance in that school continues to be impressive but without support he has no chance to be in school.

For USD 633 annually, Abraham has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 64625 annually to support him. Of this amount, the County Government has given Kenya Shillings 10,000. Considering the huge arrears that Abraham still has in school, he will need a four year support to be through with his secondary education.

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