Atieno Leah Waore

Leah is currently a form 2 student at Kanyibok secondary school but she is currently not in school because of huge arrears. Without sponsorship, she cannot go back to school.

Leah has poverty stricken parents

Atieno leah waore is 17 years old living with her parents in Usenge west yimbo. The parents are Joseph Waore Mboya and Joyce Ayoo Waore. Siblings include 11 year old James Milton Okoth, 8 year old Eunice Adhiambo Okoth, 3 year old Roseline Atieno Okoth, and Christine Achieng Okoth. Though the parents are alive the student lives with a step father Moses Okoth Otuoma.

The guardian is apeasant farmerdoing it mainly for food.

Moses is a peasant farmer earning Kenya shillings 3600 (USD 35) yearly. From his income, he takes care of his ageing mother and 2 other pupils including 11 year old Domnic Otieno and 11 year old Warren Otieno. Unpredictable weather patterns have drastically reduced income from farming which has for so many years been the only source of livelihood for residents in this region.This family lives below the poverty line and is seriously in need of support.

Leah is a bright girl.

Leah has shown impressive academic potential since joining kanyibok secondary school. She is currently in form 2. She is in huge arrears and cannot be allowed back in school. sponsorship is her only hope.

For USD 183 a year, Leah has a chance to be in school.

It costs 19100 annually to support Leah through secondary education. Given the huge arrears that Leah currently has in school, she will need a four year support to be through with secondary education.

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