Benard Owaga Ng’ola

Benard is currently a form 2 student at Uyawi secondary school in Bondo region of Kenya. He is currently out of school for lack of fees and without sponsorship, he doesn’t have a chance at education.

The house in which they live is badly dilapidated, showing the state of need in this homestead.

Benard lives with a single mother

Benard owaga ngola is 19 years of age living with his mother Pamela Onyango in nango village Uyawi sub location, Central Sakwa. His father Solomon Ngola had been the sole bread winner in a large polygamous family before he passed on. The mother is now left to take care of Benard and the siblings. The other siblings include 15 year old Maureen Adhiambo and 10 year old Stacy Atieno, both of whom are still in primary school.

The mother earns USD 2 on a good day

The mother is a fish monger earning Kenya shillings 200 daily. From her income, she has to take care of her family and 2 other dependents including 6 year old Michael Omondi and 3 year old Rayan Ochieng both of whom are orphaned and still in pre-primary level.

Benard’s academic potential is impressive

Benard went to Miyandhe Primary School. Like his half-brother Ezekiel, he has an outstanding academic record in that school. He has in the past been forced to stay out of school following extremely difficult challenges in life. He is currently a form 2 student at Uyawi Secondary School where his performance is impressive despite the obvious challenges that he faces in life. With financial support we believe he can perform even better.

He is hugely in arrears and cannot be allowed back in school any more. Timely sponsorship is the only hope for Benard. His mother is visibly ailing and obviously struggling to meet the family needs. The house in which they live is badly dilapidated. The wall that borders the house to the back right, has fallen off leaving this family vulnerable to so many possibilities.

Benard does farming to boost the family income but this cannot sustain the family either because unpredictable weather patterns keep destroying the crops in the region.

For 404 USD annually, Benard has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 41250 (USD 404) annually to support Benard through secondary education. Considering the huge arrears that he has in school, he would need a four year support to be through with his secondary education.

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