Calvince Odhiambo Ochieng

Calvince is currently a form 1 student at Kanyibok Mixed Secondary School.

Zeddy’s performance at Kanyibok secondary school, where he is currently in form1, continues to be impressive despite obvious challenges in life.

Calvince is orphaned.

Calvince Odhiambo Ochieng is 17 years of age. He is a total orphan living in Bondo with his ageing grandmother Rose Adhiambo. He has a brother, 18 year old Hennington Onyango who is also a student.

The grandmother is a peasant farmer earning USD 80 a year.

Rose Adhiambo is a peasant farmer but due to unpredictable weather patterns, production has been low. The grandmother also lives with 4 other dependents including her last born son, 16 year old Zeddy Onyango who is Calvince’s classmate, 15 year old Samson Otieno, 11 year old Jecton Omondi and 17 year old Hellen Akote who is also a student. Calvince is currently in huge arrears.

Calvince is a bright student.

He was one of the best students at Usenge Primary School where he sat for the national primary school examinations. He is currently a form 1 student at Kanyibok Mixed Secondary School where he continues to show impressive results despite the obvious challenges in life.

Zeddy’s performance is equally impressive.

He has an outstanding academic record at Sanda Primary School where he was one of the best students. His performance at Kanyibok where he is currently in form 1 continues to be impressive despite obvious challenges. He is hugely in arrears.

Both these kids deserve support in school and at home. The grandmother is obviously straining to meet the needs of this family. Her income from farming is significantly affected by unpredictable weather patterns. For this reason they need support for food as well. Zeddy otieno is the youngest son of Rose Adhiambo. The father Edward Opiyo was the breadwinner before he passed on. The family is big but all the members rely on Rose who is only a peasant farmer. Returns from farming have been greatly affected by unpredictable weather patterns, rendering all the members of this family in a state of need.

For 183 USD annually, each of them will have a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 18700 annually to support Calvince and the same amount to support Zeddy. They are both hugely in arrears. Life is extremely difficult for rose and all the dependents. Considering the huge arrears that each of them has in school, they will need a four year support to be through with secondary education.

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