Caroline Akinyi Okudo

Carolineis currently a form 2 student at Kanyibok secondary school. Without sponsorship, she doesn’t stand a chance of attaining an education.

Caroline lives with a poverty stricken mother

Caroline akinyi is 15 years old. She lives with her widowed mother Eunice Anyango in usenge Bondo. The father Raphael Onyango is deceased. The mother struggles amid challenges to provide for the family. Siblings include 11 year old Lorenzo Omondi, 9 year old Stalone Otieno, 7 year old Alphonce Ochieng and 3 year old Jenipher Lopez.

The mother is a fish monger earning USD 8 a month.

The mother earns Kenya shillings 800 from selling fish. She has additional dependents including 17 year old Lucy Auma (student), 14 year old Marion Anyango, and 16 year old Queenter Achieng (student).

Caroline is a bright girl.

Caroline went to bar Muofu primary school where she had an outstanding academic record. She is currently a form 2 student at kanyibok secondary school where her performance continues to be impressive despite obvious challenges that she faces in life.

Without sponsorship Caroline does not have a chance at education. She is in huge arrears and cannot be allowed in school any longer.

For USD 183 annually, Caroline has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 19210 annually to support her. Considering her huge arrears she will need four years of support to be through with secondary education.

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