Caroline Akinyi Oyoo

Caroline has been away from school for fees for three years. Without timely sponsorship, she may never have gone back to school. With her full sponsorship, she is currently re-admitted in school and is looking forward to sit for her final exam in 2022.

Caroline has a poverty stricken mother

Caroline Akinyi Oyoo is20 years of age. She lives with her widowed mother in kamnara village Bondo. The father John Oyoo Agira had been the sole bread winner in this family before his death. Other siblings include40 year old Samuel Ochieng (no income), 27 year old Lucy Owino (house help), 25 year old Nancy Akoth (no income), 23 year old George Ochieng (no income), 20 year old Caroline Akinyi (student), 18 year old Moses Otieno (student),

The mother earns USD 8 monthly.

The mother is a charcoal burner earning Kenya shillings 800 monthly from which she clearly cannot support her large family. life is extremely difficult for this family. They have to make do without most basic needs, even a single meal a day is not guaranteed.

Caroline is academically potential.

She went to kamnara primary school where she was among the best students in the class of 2013. Her performance at kamnara secondary school remains impressive. We are optimistic that given a chance to be in school, she will likely thrive academically to lift herself and the siblings out of extreme poverty. Caroline has been away from school for fees for almost three years.As of February 2021, Caroline is fully sponsored and readmitted in Form 3 at Kamnara secondary school. Hopefully in 2022, she will be through with her secondary education.

For USD 254 annually, Caroline has been gifted a chance to be in school.

As of 31 January 2021, Caroline is fully sponsored at a cost of Kenya shillings 27800 per year to support both her school fees and the collateral costs to her educational attainment at kamnara secondary school where she is currently a form three student.

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