Caroline Owino Ouma

Caroline is orphaned.

Caroline awino ouma is 25 years of age. She is a total orphan living with her uncle in usalo village usenge west yimbo. She was born to barack omollo ondere and jenifer akinyi omollo who are both deceased. She went through 12 years of an abusive marriage before eventually deciding to walk out of it and seeking a chance to go back to school. Siblings include 19 year old joyce acholla ouma, 20 year old Wilson odero ouma , 14 year old lucy achieng ouma. The guardian is a peasant farmer earning USD 35 annually.

The uncle is a peasant farmer earning Kenya shillings 3600 annually.

Apart from Caroline and the siblings the uncle has other dependants to take care of including 17 year old kevin odhiambo ondere and 9 year old braddley omondi. The guardian has shown an extraordinary willingness to support Caroline through education but life challenges threaten to get on the way. His farming has been enormously affected by change of weather patterns.

Caroline is academically potential.

Caroline went to Usenge primary school. She is currently a form 2 student at Nyamira girls secondary school which is one of the best secondary schools in Kenya. Her performance continues to be impressive at Nyamira girl’s school. When Caroline first reported to school she was without basic needs. And it has had to be like that for the better part of her stay in school.

For USD 813 annually, Caroline has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 83054 annually to support Caroline She is enormously in arrears and will need a four year support to be through with her secondary education. Caroline met a lot of challenges as a primary school student. Following the death of both parents, she could not transition to secondary school despite doing well in the national primary school examinations. She was lured into an early marriage, being only 13 years old. She has been a role model to many young girls in the society who face more or less the same challenges.

Caroline had to endure 12 years of an abusive marriage.

Carolineopted for marriage, 14 years ago, when it became apparent that she was not going to transition to secondary school for lack of fees. The marriage later turned out to be abusive as happens to most students who go down thatpath. She did the only logical thing of walking away from it and seeking a way to go back to school. Given the hard life that she has had to endure, she is likely to make it in life through education. She has discovered that education remains the only weapon by which every young woman is guaranteed a better, more productive future as an adult. Her story can positively change the perceptions of thousands of underage girls in the community who are driven into abusive marriages as a result of life challenges.

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