Clinton Ochieng Odhiambo

Clinton lives with poverty stricken parents

Clinton Ochieng Odhiambo is 14 years of age. He lives with his parents in ururi lower village Bondo. Siblings include 7 year old Jared Odhiambo (pupil), 16 year old Lydia Akinyi (student),and 2 year old Beldin Ajwang.

The parents are peasant farmers earning USD 137 annually.

The parents are peasant farmers earning kenya shillings 14400 annually. Other dependants include 17 year old Linda Treazer Akinyi (student), 9 year old Frankline Otieno (pupil), 64 year old Philister Ahomo (elder), 18 year old Charles Ouko (student).

Due to unpredictable weather patterns, farmers have been registering dismal results in regions like Bondo where residents mainly rely on agriculture as the main source of livelihood. As a result income has fallen sharply among most rural households.

Clinton’s parents have been struggling to support their family but from their income, they cannot afford to pay for their children’s education. Clinton is in huge arrears and cannot be allowed back in school any longer. Sponsorship is the only hope he has to attain an education.

Clinton is extremely bright.

He is among the top 4 best students in his form 2 class at Kanyibok secondary school. He went to Nyabondo primary school where he had an impressive academic record. He is particularly good in languages and sciences. Given a chance to be in school, we know he will likely make it through education to become a responsible, employable adult in future.

For USD 183 Clinton has a chance to be in school.

It would cost Kenya shillings 19200 annually to support Clinton through secondary education. Considering the huge arrears, he will need a four year support to be through with his secondary education.

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