Daniel Odhiambo Otieno

Daniel is living with poverty stricken parents.

Daniel Odhiambo Otieno is 17 years of age living with his parents Joshua Otieno and Jane Adhiambo in ururi upper village Bondo. Siblings include 14 year old Joseph Odongo Otieno (student), 13 year old Peres Akoth (student), 11 year old Margeret Atieno (pupil), and 10 year old Mary Achieng (pupil) .

The parents earn USD 183 annually from odd jobs.

The mother trades locally while the father supplies water. They earn Kenya shillings 19200 annually from these . Other dependents include 26 year old Jenipher Akinyi (orphaned), 10 year old Deric Otieno (pupil) 7 year old Brian Odhiambo (ECD) and 12 year old Cynthia Akinyi (pupil).

The parents struggle to provide for the family but from their income they cannot afford to pay for their children’s secondary education.

Daniel is a bright boy.

Daniel is currently in form 2 at kanyibok secondary school and is among the best students in his class. He went to Nyabondo primary school where he had an outstanding academic record.

He is currently away fromschool owing to huge fees arrears. Timely sponsorship would provide the only hope for him to acquire an education.

For USD 183 annually, Daniel has a chance to be in secondary school.

It would cost Kenya shillings 19120 to support Daniel through secondary education. Considering the huge arrears, he will need a four year support to be through with secondary education.

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