Ezekiel Otieno Ng’ola

Ezekiel is a form 3 student at Uyawi secondary school in the Bondo region of Kenya. He is currently out of school due to the huge balances he has in arrears. Without sponsorship, he won’t be able to go back to school.

Ezekiel’s step mother Jane Okuku is a peasant farmer earning 20 USD a year.

Ezekiel Otieno Ngola is orphaned.

He is 17 years of age. He was born to Solomon Ngola Onyango and Pheobe Adoyo Ngola who are both deceased. The step mother Jane Okuku is the only adult left in the family to live with Ezekiel and the siblings. The siblings include 15 year old Damarice Anyango, 12 year old Cynthia Aoko, and 8 year old Alphonce Odhiambo, all of whom are still in primary school.

The guardian earns USD 20 a year.

Jane is a peasant farmer earning Kenya Shillings 2000 yearly. She also sells firewood that earns her Kenya Shillings 60 daily. Jane has other dependents including 6 year old Brighton Samson, 3 year old Elimalek John, 6 year old Meril Awuor, and 2 ½ year old Loving Odinga, all of whom are still in pre-primary level.

Ezekiel’s academic potential is not in question.

He went to Miyadhe primary school where he was always a top student with an outstanding academic record. Ezekiel is currently a Form 3 student at Uyawi Secondary school where he has shown impressive results despite the obvious challenges that he faces in life. He is however hugely in arrears and cannot be allowed in school any longer. Timely sponsorship is the only hope for Ezekiel. Without support, he will not achieve his dream of making it in life through education and pulling himself and the siblings out of extreme poverty.

For 404 USD annually, Ezekiel has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 41250 (USD 404) annually to support Ezekiel through secondary education. Considering the huge arrears that Ezekiel still has in school, he would need a three year support to be through with his secondary education.

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