Mitchelle Sella Atieno

Mitchelle and Benson are orphaned.

Mitchelle Sela Atieno is 19 years old. She lives with her widowed grandmother Helida Awuor who cannot adequately provide for her and the 16 year old brother Benson. Their parents Benson Owuor and Claris Owino are both dead.

The grandmother is a peasant farmer.

She does it seasonally due to her age mainly for food but what she gets can hardly provide for their food. She has occasionally been helped by community members and well-wishers. She takes care of three additional kids: 8 year old Grace Awuor, 5 year old Stanley Owuor, and 6 year old Sabina Odero.

Mitchelle is academically potential.

Mitchelle was one of the best students at Nyangera Primary school. She is currently a form 3 student at Nyamira Girls Secondary School where her performance continues to be impressive despite visible life challenges. She is almost always away from school for fees. Poverty has had an impact on her education but with support she can improve and go ahead to become a responsible adult in future.

For USD 813 annually, Mitchelle has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 83054 annually to support Mitchelle at Nyamira Girls Secondary School. She is enormously in arrears and will need a three year support to be through with her Secondary education.

Benson Alphones Omondi is academically able as well.

He was at Nyangera Primary School where he had an impressive record. He has demonstrated an overwhelming academic potential amid obvious challenges. He remains one of the best performing students at Got Agulu Secondary School where he is currently in form 2. With sponsorship we are optimistic that Benson can excel academically to become a responsible employable adult in future.

For USD 546 annually, Benson has a chance to access Secondary education.

It would cost Kenya shillings 55721annually to support Benson. He is deeply in arrears. Without sponsorship he might be forced to drop out of school. He will need a three year support to be through with secondary education.

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