Samuel Okoth

Samuel Okoth is orphaned.

Samuel Okoth is 16 years old. He is a total orphan living with an Uncle Maurice Opiyo. The sibllings include 19 year old Monica Atieno, 25 year old Samuel otieno , and 14 year old Brian Odhiambo .

The uncle is a pastor earning USD 10 monthly.

The uncle is a pastor at Legion Maria. He earns Kenya shillings 1000 monthly from that. He relies on offerings from church members to make ends meet. Given that the community in this region comprises of mostly needy individuals, he often don’t get enough money from church to take care of the family needs.

Samuel is a bright student.

He went to Oyamo Primary School where he has an impressive academic record. His performance at Kanyibok Secondary School where he is currently in form 1 continues to be impressive despite the obvious life challenges.

For USD 183 annually, Samuel has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 19210 annually to support him. Considering his huge arrears he will need four years of support to be through with secondary education.

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