Tobias Ooko Odenyo

Tobias is currently a form 2 student at Nyabenge secondary school where he has shown extra-ordinary academic potential. He is currently not in school and without sponsorship he doesn’t stand a chance at education.

Tobias is orphaned.

Tobias Ooko Odenyo is 16 years of age. He is a total ophan living with the grandmother Angelina Oliech Obuto in Bondo. He was born to Richard Odenyo Otieno and Rose Akinyi Odenyo, both of whom are deceased. The siblings include 18 year old Mary Akinyi Odenyo and 16 year old Jackob Otieno Odenyo.

The guardian has no income at all.

The grandmother is a peasant farmer producing mainly for food. She has other dependents including 8 year old Elmo Musa Ochieng and 3 ½ year old Samson Odhiambo Ochieng. Life is extremely difficult for this family. They go without most basic needs. Even a single meal a day is not guaranteed.

Tobias’ academic potential is not in question.

He has an outstanding academic record at Rariw Primary School. At Nyabenge secondary school, he is currently in form 2 and has continued to show impressive results.

For USD 204 a year Tobias has a chance to be in school.

It costs Kenya shillings 20761 per year to support Tobias at Nyabenge secondary school. Considering the huge arrears that he has in school, he would need a four year support to be through with his secondary education.

Currently, Tobias is not in school due to the huge arrears. He has previously been assisted by well-wishers. He is an industrious, humble and extremely disciplined boy and is likely to make it in life given support. Timely sponsorship is his only hope.

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