Yvonne Auma Odhiambo

Yvonne’s single father is seriously ill and poor.

yvonne Auma Odhiambo is 20 years of age living in Rabanga village Nyangoma Central Sakwa with her grandfather George Amollo. Other siblings include 22 year old Mercy Achieng, 18 year old Everline Atieno. 17 year old Clement Opondo , 12 year old Maxwel Onyango, 10 year old Jacob Owuor and 7 year old James Aura.

The grandfather is a peasant farmer earning USD 39 annually.

The grandfather is a peasant farmer earning Kenya shillings 4000 yearly from it. To boost his income he burns charcoal earning Kenya shillings 700 monthly from it. From his income alone the grandfather cannot support this family. Yvonne is currently partially sponsored for USD 183 annually to cover her huge arrears in secondary school. She still needs an additional sponsorship of USD 1296 annually to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Daystar University. without support, she doesn’t stand a chance at education.

Yvonne is very bright.

She went to St James Elite academy Primary school where she has an excellent record. She was among the best performing students at St Luke’s Wambarra Secondary School amid obvious life challenges. Yvonne is a potential orphan since the father is very ill, they don’t seem to have any hopes that he will make it. The fact that they live in extreme poverty makes things even worse for the father. Yvonne left the father’s home to stay with the grandfather when life became extremely unbearable for her and the siblings.

With the partial sponsorship of USD 183 annually, Yvonne will be able to clear the huge arrears that she has in secondary school. She however needs an additional USD 1296 annually to join Daystar University.

It will cost Kenya shillings 142000 per year to support Yvonne through university education. She will need a four year support to be through with education.

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