Volunteers are an important part of our organization and we value the time, effort and expertise that individuals are willing to share with us.

Who can volunteer?

Anybody can be a volunteer! You need to be 18 years or older. You don’t need to have specific skills. An open mind and social skills are sufficient to interact with others. In most cases you will be required to share your knowledge with others.

You need to be a responsible citizen who is ready to commit his or her time, in part or in full, to further our objectives.

School leavers, Interns, College graduates, professionals, students and retired professionals can all be volunteers.

What manner of work do volunteers do?

There are numerous areas we can place you depending on your knowledge, interest or skill.

There’s administrative work, environmental work, educational work, online work, field work and so on.

We have to find the Volunteer program that is the right fit for you. Each program has different time commitments and requirements, but all offer the opportunity to be part of our noble causes.

Can professionals volunteer?

Yes they can! For certain volunteer opportunities you need professional skills and qualifications. We welcome volunteers who are trained professionals to engage in this kind of work.

We come up with a time commitment that is the right fit for you in case you are actively engaged in other institutions or have other engagements.

Most of what we do involves skilled work; so we highly recommend skilled volunteers.

Are volunteers remunerated?

No! But in most cases there will be allowances. Volunteer Work is not for material reward but for making our society a better place to live in.

Where the nature of your work involves traveling or where you incur expenses while discharging your duties as a volunteer, there will be remuneration.

You must be willing to work for a fairly modest living allowance.

Am interested in volunteering. How do I proceed?

If you are interested in volunteering to further the objectives of our organization, please contact us using the online form with your details and we’ll direct you further.

We believe that giving individuals the opportunity to volunteer within our organization provides an invaluable learning experience for anyone.

That learning experience comes with satisfaction of being a valued, contributing part of our organization’s achievements in bringing about the much needed solutions to societal challenges.